Mission statement

We are a group of people who firmly believe in the Indian growth story. It's just a matter of time when we become one of the largest economy in the world, powered by a strong domestic demand. To fulfill such scale of demand the whole retailing structure and its support functions will be transformed. We intend to track this transformation and help in our own little ways to push it in the right direction.

retailrise.com is not just a website, it's a platform for people like you to join, discuss and if possible than try to transform the shape of Indian retailing industry.

To put it short, we are committed to

- Provide an open platform for fruitful discussions

- Provide a forum for professionals/students to interact and gain from a common set of knowledge pool

- To build a retail related knowledge repository in terms of tutorials/articles/blogs/forum posts etc

- Promote and network other sites and blogs that are dedicated in this field and share some of our values.

- And any thing that leads to better information sharing and gain for the community as a whole.

All these ideas are wide and may take a long time to implement completely and than actually fructify, but our intension is to start the journey right now, notwithstanding the small and cautious steps that we take.

Hopefully we will share this wonderful journey with you, there are exciting yet challenging times in front of us like entry of global players like Wal-Mart and Carrefour among others, will they succeed? What will happen to our Mom-n-pops stores? which format will rule in India: convenience retailing or the hypermarts? Which Indian player will emerge as the winner, BigBazaar or Reliance or someone else? or will all of them bite the dust against the global giants? What will happen to retail related education in India? Will we see more institutes/courses? Will we show the light to the rest of the world in terms of technology involvement/CRM implementations for a better shopping experience? How many people will be absorbed in this new organized system? how many will lose their jobs? How will this revolution impact our own daily life? .. Ohh thats too exciting a journey, please come along us!

Mission statement | Retail Rise

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It's the little changes that make the most significant changes.
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